Tuesday, August 23, 2011

you turned a blind eye to my needs

many people are intimidated by bold prints or statement jewelry pieces and believe you can't mix patterns properly, well ..I'm here to tell you the contrary!

of course this advice/tip, however you may see it, should be taken within moderation. wearing 6 different prints at once will not be flattering to most people, of course depending on your confidence level!

so to begin:

1) Top: take a thin horizontal striped shirt, my favorite are red stripes:

2) Accessories: 

Necklace: here is where you get to play! pick out of your jewelry collection a big statement piece, preferably a bib necklace, and do not worry about "matching" the color to the shirt because it's actually better not to. BUT if you don't have this, then no worries! simply take a handful of necklaces approximately of the same length, you can always mix gold and silver, and simply layer them on top of each other. if any of the necklaces have hanging charms, then that is even better to add dimension.

Watch: wearing a menswear style watch is very trendy and yet a classic item that flatters everyone while making a big statement on your wrist.

3) Bottoms: there are two options for this.

pants: you can wear a dark wash denim wide leg pants for a crisp clean look, or if you want a light weight material (or cannot wear denim to work) then opt for wide leg formal pants (ie slacks, dressy pants) in a charcoal/grey solid print. The key focus is on wide leg because it allows the look to be more "breathable" and not compressed with print since the top half of the look is multi-layered.

skirts: if you prefer to wear a skirt and want to play it safe, then you can wear a solid color, of any shade in the blue family. BUT if you are not yet uncomfortable with the outfit yet and are willing to go further, then opt for a printed floral skirt. again, the color shade can vary from orange to blue and brown. these particular colors will not clash with your top.

4) Shoes: this is based upon what you chose for your bottoms:

a) if you opted for a solid bottom, whether it be a pant or skirt, then here you can play a little and pick out floral shoes. this can be in the form of a ballet flat, wedge, patent pump, or sling backs.

b) if you opted for a printed bottom, then here you have to play it safe and wear solid color shoes in order to bring a calmness to the whole outfit collectively.

depending on your comfort level with statement pieces, you can take some pieces out or even decide to wear a solid bottom and a solid shoe color together. either way, make it flexible towards your preference but just don't be afraid to wear and mix bold pieces if you ever so feel like it! =)

tell me if you try any of these choices out, or what you think of the overall outfit

au revoir

photo source: various fashion websites

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