Wednesday, August 24, 2011

wants & desires

I have a pretty long list of items that I want to purchase, and it's updated quite often. However, unless I feel the need or my urges become uncontrollable it is only then I make the purchase because I do not want to get used to instant gratification..which I know is very shocking this day and age..hehe So, here are my top three items:

1) makeup: the naked palette by Urban Decay

Yes, if you know anything about makeup "trends" then you know this palette is a huge seller! it was sold out online even before hitting stores, wowzer huh. at first I was not very impressed by it, even though I am most definitely a neutral eye shadow kinda gal..on the rare occasions I even do wear eye shadow. but, this palette has rapidly become a priority on my list because of two reasons: 1) I already had trios and quads with similar colors and therefore did not feel the need to buy the same shadows. however, I recently cleaned out my makeup drawer and threw a few small palettes away since they had become old. 2) I tested the colors in person, and yes I am definitely a believer now! they are so simple yet beautiful for staple looks and very easy to mix and match with the colors provided.

2) Footwear: brown riding boots

I believe riding boots are a very important staple for every woman's closet! they are so versatile, comfortable, practical for the rain and winter season, and besides all those plus points they just are so beautiful =) depending on the brand, they vary in prices but I urge people to simply try a pair in a store if they are hesitant to buying. they can be worn with leggings, skinny jeans, summer dresses and the list goes on...

3) Hand Candy: Micheal Kors Hamilton in black

Micheal Kors is a beloved designer because he knows how to create classic chic designs and knows exactly what's realistic for women! In particular, the Hamilton bag, in the small size, is very easy to use on a daily basis without feeling like your bag is going to cramp you shoulder or that you are likely misplace receipts amongst the 10,000 inside pockets.. like some bags. The Hamilton is a best seller to this day, and for a good reason. It's simple, beautiful and practical.

I would rather wait to make these purchases after my closet becomes a little lighter, which would make it better timing.

what are some of your wants of the moment?

au revoir

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  1. I would DIE to have that Naked Palette too! However I havent gotten my hands on it yet as it's always out of stock. Love the boot and handbag, very Kate Moss. Tres chic!

  2. thank you for your sweet comment