Friday, September 9, 2011

to follow or not to follow

I have seen this "trend" or style on many girls, and only recently became a fan of it. it's the infamous ankle bracelet ..and no, not the type you are forced to wear after a DUI (Driving Under the Influence (of alcohol)). see, at first I thought why is it so important to wear bracelets on your ankles too?? I for one do not like much noise or attraction to my walks so naturally I shy away from charm bracelets and etc. However, the delicate and feminine touch of a well designed ankle bracelet CAN take you far! it adds a beautiful look to an overall casual outfit, possible skinny jeans, and a blouse, or a bit more formal for events, as in high wasted skirt and a tucked in collared shirt. so as I wander my local boutiques for some ankle bracelets, I ask do you think this is a trend to follow or not to follow? I will try it out and see for myself! =)

for a casual day, with gems :

a little more girly and playful with coin charms on them:

this is great for a party where you know you'll be taking your shoes off and dancing all night long!

photo source: various websites

Thursday, September 1, 2011

your stare haunts me to this day

every word in the dictionary can have a completely different meaning to every person. so let's discuss "HAPPINESS"

happiness for me is:

sitting on the porch
black & white photos
picture frames
black boots
green socks
peter pan movie
dipping my toes into the ocean
watching the sunset
boat shoes
blue shawl
sitting around the dinner table
cold wind breeze
road trips


photo source: beach wallpaper