Wednesday, August 31, 2011

cheap imitation

I personally love finding "dupes" for high end makeup just in case something may not be accessible to me, I can always find the cheaper alternative.

so, what item are we discussing here?

it's the infamous "SNOB" by MAC: the color is a baby pink with lavender undertones with a satin finish. it is very much like the staple Nicki Minaj baby pink lips she is always wearing, though it is not flattering on all skin tones because it can appear very barbie and fake looking. the lipstick is sold at MAC counters and stores, and retails for approximately $14.

and it's twin is "PINK POUT" by Revlon: this is also a soft baby pink shade, however it has less lavender undertones and is therefore much more flattering on a variety of skin tones. this is a matte consistency, though do not let that worry you! it is very creamy and moisturizing. Revlon is sold is drugstores, and is approximately $7.

I have both of these lipsticks, and even though I love the snob shade on my lips I find it more difficult to wear on a daily basis because it is very eye popping and brings too much focus on my lips. While on the other side, pink pout is really perfect for everyday though you need to put on two layers to get the true baby pink color. Overall, I love both of these lipsticks and alternate wearing them depending on my mood =)

tell me if you have either one of these lipsticks, and which you prefer ...or better yet if you know some great dupes! ~

au revoir

photo source: various makeup websites

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