Wednesday, August 31, 2011

cheap imitation

I personally love finding "dupes" for high end makeup just in case something may not be accessible to me, I can always find the cheaper alternative.

so, what item are we discussing here?

it's the infamous "SNOB" by MAC: the color is a baby pink with lavender undertones with a satin finish. it is very much like the staple Nicki Minaj baby pink lips she is always wearing, though it is not flattering on all skin tones because it can appear very barbie and fake looking. the lipstick is sold at MAC counters and stores, and retails for approximately $14.

and it's twin is "PINK POUT" by Revlon: this is also a soft baby pink shade, however it has less lavender undertones and is therefore much more flattering on a variety of skin tones. this is a matte consistency, though do not let that worry you! it is very creamy and moisturizing. Revlon is sold is drugstores, and is approximately $7.

I have both of these lipsticks, and even though I love the snob shade on my lips I find it more difficult to wear on a daily basis because it is very eye popping and brings too much focus on my lips. While on the other side, pink pout is really perfect for everyday though you need to put on two layers to get the true baby pink color. Overall, I love both of these lipsticks and alternate wearing them depending on my mood =)

tell me if you have either one of these lipsticks, and which you prefer ...or better yet if you know some great dupes! ~

au revoir

photo source: various makeup websites

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

international taste

I have traveled a little in my (young) life, and have been fortunate enough to have met an even greater number of amazing people from various backgrounds. so I thought it would be appropriate enough to share some of my favorite things from different nations and their cultures~

East Asia: Vietnam

Pho: translation = noodle soup (with chicken or beef)

As an intense self proclaimed noodle lover, this had to be included in the list! Pho consists of minimal ingredients, though do not let that underestimate the amazing wonders of it! once you've had it, you will surely be addicted. the trick is that the broth is often cooked over many hours on slow heat to give it a strong herbal taste. the price is very good for a very large size dish, and this is because it is a staple meal in every Vietnamese restaurant.

Africa: Morocco 

Green Mint tea

As an avid lover of tea, of all flavors from different cultures, the Moroccan tea is most definitely amongst my top favorite! what stands out about THIS tea in comparison to so many others? its' simplicity and strong flavor, it is almost impossible to have only one cup ..(not because I'm greedy but also because the cups are quite small, which is a traditional culture aspect) While drinking this tea, you can feel the love that was put into making it and the pride Moroccans have for it. Drink this after a long day of work to de-stress, or simply after a big meal to help digestive, either way you cannot go wrong with it!

South America: Argentina

Dulce de Leche: translation = "sweet milk"

if you have a sweet tooth, then you'll love this! the quite popular and traditional caramel like sauce can be paired with bread and simply eaten by itself. This has recently become very well known in other continents and it seems there's a good reason everyone is getting on board for it. it's delicious and simple!

this is actually making me really hungry now.. yumm

Eid Mubarek! Bayraminiz mubarek olsun! =)

au revoir

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

wants & desires

I have a pretty long list of items that I want to purchase, and it's updated quite often. However, unless I feel the need or my urges become uncontrollable it is only then I make the purchase because I do not want to get used to instant gratification..which I know is very shocking this day and age..hehe So, here are my top three items:

1) makeup: the naked palette by Urban Decay

Yes, if you know anything about makeup "trends" then you know this palette is a huge seller! it was sold out online even before hitting stores, wowzer huh. at first I was not very impressed by it, even though I am most definitely a neutral eye shadow kinda gal..on the rare occasions I even do wear eye shadow. but, this palette has rapidly become a priority on my list because of two reasons: 1) I already had trios and quads with similar colors and therefore did not feel the need to buy the same shadows. however, I recently cleaned out my makeup drawer and threw a few small palettes away since they had become old. 2) I tested the colors in person, and yes I am definitely a believer now! they are so simple yet beautiful for staple looks and very easy to mix and match with the colors provided.

2) Footwear: brown riding boots

I believe riding boots are a very important staple for every woman's closet! they are so versatile, comfortable, practical for the rain and winter season, and besides all those plus points they just are so beautiful =) depending on the brand, they vary in prices but I urge people to simply try a pair in a store if they are hesitant to buying. they can be worn with leggings, skinny jeans, summer dresses and the list goes on...

3) Hand Candy: Micheal Kors Hamilton in black

Micheal Kors is a beloved designer because he knows how to create classic chic designs and knows exactly what's realistic for women! In particular, the Hamilton bag, in the small size, is very easy to use on a daily basis without feeling like your bag is going to cramp you shoulder or that you are likely misplace receipts amongst the 10,000 inside pockets.. like some bags. The Hamilton is a best seller to this day, and for a good reason. It's simple, beautiful and practical.

I would rather wait to make these purchases after my closet becomes a little lighter, which would make it better timing.

what are some of your wants of the moment?

au revoir

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

you turned a blind eye to my needs

many people are intimidated by bold prints or statement jewelry pieces and believe you can't mix patterns properly, well ..I'm here to tell you the contrary!

of course this advice/tip, however you may see it, should be taken within moderation. wearing 6 different prints at once will not be flattering to most people, of course depending on your confidence level!

so to begin:

1) Top: take a thin horizontal striped shirt, my favorite are red stripes:

2) Accessories: 

Necklace: here is where you get to play! pick out of your jewelry collection a big statement piece, preferably a bib necklace, and do not worry about "matching" the color to the shirt because it's actually better not to. BUT if you don't have this, then no worries! simply take a handful of necklaces approximately of the same length, you can always mix gold and silver, and simply layer them on top of each other. if any of the necklaces have hanging charms, then that is even better to add dimension.

Watch: wearing a menswear style watch is very trendy and yet a classic item that flatters everyone while making a big statement on your wrist.

3) Bottoms: there are two options for this.

pants: you can wear a dark wash denim wide leg pants for a crisp clean look, or if you want a light weight material (or cannot wear denim to work) then opt for wide leg formal pants (ie slacks, dressy pants) in a charcoal/grey solid print. The key focus is on wide leg because it allows the look to be more "breathable" and not compressed with print since the top half of the look is multi-layered.

skirts: if you prefer to wear a skirt and want to play it safe, then you can wear a solid color, of any shade in the blue family. BUT if you are not yet uncomfortable with the outfit yet and are willing to go further, then opt for a printed floral skirt. again, the color shade can vary from orange to blue and brown. these particular colors will not clash with your top.

4) Shoes: this is based upon what you chose for your bottoms:

a) if you opted for a solid bottom, whether it be a pant or skirt, then here you can play a little and pick out floral shoes. this can be in the form of a ballet flat, wedge, patent pump, or sling backs.

b) if you opted for a printed bottom, then here you have to play it safe and wear solid color shoes in order to bring a calmness to the whole outfit collectively.

depending on your comfort level with statement pieces, you can take some pieces out or even decide to wear a solid bottom and a solid shoe color together. either way, make it flexible towards your preference but just don't be afraid to wear and mix bold pieces if you ever so feel like it! =)

tell me if you try any of these choices out, or what you think of the overall outfit

au revoir

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Monday, August 22, 2011

feeling inspired...

...let go of your worries and let the wind carry you

snow patrol- just say yes


and he finally walked away

Summer is almost over and as much as I had fun, I'm excited for Fall to begin because I am definitely not a blazing heat kinda gal.

So, some things that helped me keep my cool on my face and body?


1) Blemish Balm cream (BB): I don't like to wear something heavy on my face when it is very hot and I'm active all day, so I am head over heels about this Missha bb cream! it is lightweight, blends perfectly into my skin and stays put all day. I apply with my fingertips (of course after they are washed squeeky clean) and set it with a light powder, given that I already have oily skin I don't want the extra dewy look for summer.

2) Gel/Cream blush: In order to look fresh and have a "no makeup" look, it is best to skip out on powder blush for summer because they tend to make ones' face look cakey and older. So, opt for a gel or cream consistency blush and apply very little because they tend to be very pigmented. I apply with my fingertips and then use a duo fiber sigma brush to blend out the harsh edges so it seems like a natural flush to the cheeks, because I know every girl likes that look! 

Mac's gel blush in "just a pinch":

NYX cream blush:

Sigma duo fiber brush for a natural application:


1) Sheer floral blouse: Of course, this should be paired with a tank top in order to prevent a free peep show to the public, but these tops are very easy to pair with absolutely any bottom and are completely effortless! the sheer material will allow your skin to breathe and not show any sweating marks in case it does get too hot. I tend to buy these blouses in floral print because it adds an easy color to my wardrobe and makes my outfit come alive for the summer!

2) Khakis Pants: This is a staple piece for every woman and man! Not only are khakis very classy and chic looking, they instantly add a more "relaxed" look to your whole outfit. Depending on your style and body shape, you can decide whether to buy them boot cut or wide leg style. Either way, have your top tucked in ever so slightly and you are ready to be out all day without feeling uncomfortable, unlike tight skinny jeans which can hurt your waist/lower stomach after a few hours. For those that want to dress up these casual bottoms, add a patent thin belt of any color which will make the look a little more polished and put together =) 

for a day look, wear with ballet flats or sneakers.

for an evening look, wear them with wedges or patent pumps with a colorful clutch.

what are your summer staple pieces? have you tried any of these before?

au revoir ~

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Sunday, August 21, 2011

quote of the day

"to live content with small means; to seek elegance rather than luxury, and refinement rather than fashion; to be worthy, not respectable; and wealthy, not rich. to study hard, think quietly, talk gently, act listen to stars and buds, to babes and sages, with open heart; await occasions, hurry never...this is my symphony."

William Henry

photo source: denny's world