Friday, September 9, 2011

to follow or not to follow

I have seen this "trend" or style on many girls, and only recently became a fan of it. it's the infamous ankle bracelet ..and no, not the type you are forced to wear after a DUI (Driving Under the Influence (of alcohol)). see, at first I thought why is it so important to wear bracelets on your ankles too?? I for one do not like much noise or attraction to my walks so naturally I shy away from charm bracelets and etc. However, the delicate and feminine touch of a well designed ankle bracelet CAN take you far! it adds a beautiful look to an overall casual outfit, possible skinny jeans, and a blouse, or a bit more formal for events, as in high wasted skirt and a tucked in collared shirt. so as I wander my local boutiques for some ankle bracelets, I ask do you think this is a trend to follow or not to follow? I will try it out and see for myself! =)

for a casual day, with gems :

a little more girly and playful with coin charms on them:

this is great for a party where you know you'll be taking your shoes off and dancing all night long!

photo source: various websites

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